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Competitions and events

PVK Oxygen at the beginning  had only race character and by the end of the nineties in Mavrovo on the mountain Bistra we organized the first cross country mountain bike competition.    From the beginning of organized cross country rides in Macedonia and up to the first years of 21st century PVK Oxygen was organizer  of almost all events related to mountain biking and development of active alternative tourism in Republic of Macedonia.

We were the initiators for forming Balkan Mountain Bike Federation (BMBF).   Members of PVK Oxygen as representatives of Macedonia took part in the first Balkan championship in mountain biking that was organized near Athens in Greece.   In the year 2000 we also took part in the second Balkan championship in mountain biking that was organized in Poljana Brashov, Romania.    In the year 2004 In Mavrovo on mountain Bistra we organized the Balkan championship in mountain biking and where representatives of 7 Balkan countries  and more then 100 elite competitors gathered.  In the past years we took part in number of international events, some recreational and some professional out of which we will mention our undertaking in famous mountain bike festival in Lago di Garda Italy where more then 10,000 fans to this type of recreation and more then 2000 professionals competed among which were members of PVK Oxygen.

Organizers of  Balkan Bike Festival, Balkan Championsip and UCI race in 2014 (Balkan Bike Festival)  and in 2015 organizers of second Balkan Bike Festival and FMB World Tour Silver event as well many other races within national cycling league.

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