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  • Last race of the season was organized by cycling club Energi on hill of Gazi Baba  .  This race also marked the end of the 2019 season for mountain bike cross country racing

    Congrats to all competitors for well finished season.
    Time for some rest before the next season 

    Gazi Baba XC race results of our top compeittors

    Alex Makedon - First place
    Mihail Tasevski - Second place
    Andrijana Anastasoska -  First place 
    Aneta Antovska - second place
    Lazar Petrovic - first place

  • Traditional mountain bike marathon held in Mavrovo that we started 15 years ago was visited by 300 and more bikers.  Most  of them were there for recreational ride of 50km trail but there were also competitors who were there for the rather hard trail of 95km.   We had as guests our friends from Greece and the club Svendano with whom except the small problems with the car everything else went perfect.  The day was sunny and without much problems we spent a beautiful day in Mavrovo and on the hills of mountain Bistr, and luckily the shepard dogs were not there.  Everyone arrived satisfied on time and the ones that did not arrive on time and wanted to relax and enjoy their time on the mountain and in local villages.  Organized by the municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe and BC Energy the participants who arrived in normal time  were served with refreshments and lunch .

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