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  • On the hills of village Kuckovo in municipality of Gorce Petrov within Skopje we organized a cross country mountain bike race within national macedonian cycling league.  Traditionaly the race trail was fast and without many technical obsticles and therefore competitors were moving fast and were fighting closely till the end.  Kids race was also organized for the youngest funs of mtb cycling and to whom we have also provied awards.

  • In April 2019 we organized the first race of the season in cross country mountain biking within national cycling league by cycling union of Macedonia.  Competitors tested their readiness after the winter period on the hardest and most technicaly demended trail from the series of league races .   Conditions and the race were excellent and all teams and competitors particpated with their maximum number of riders each testing their own limits.

  • In july 2019 Oxygen organized the national championship of Macedonia in cros country cycling.   The race took place in Kumanovo on location Studen Voda with slight modification of the race trail on which Oxygen organized another race in April 2019.   Considering it was a national championship and the winner title was national champion the race was filled with tension and fight for the first three places while the audience enjoyed and cheered the competitiors.  At the end the all competitors enjoyed their gathering and exchanged their feelings of the race.

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